Jan 042010

Firetrucks photo by Ian TurtonBack in the day, you didn’t have to wonder what to do with breaking news. You put it on the air, of course. If it was big enough, you interrupted regular programming. If not, you waited until news time. Simple.

But now, with most news outlets feeding multiple platforms, the question arises: If your staff is limited, where should you focus your energies when local news breaks?

To figure that out, it would help to know where most people turn for local breaking news. But when a news manager asked me that question recently, I couldn’t come up with any research that answered it. The Pew Research Center regularly asks about news consumption–and always finds that Americans get most of their news from TV–but that’s not specific enough.

So…I’m asking you. Maybe we can figure this out together.


  4 Responses to “Best platform for local breaking news?”

  1. I suspect “time of day” and which platform I have access to has more to do with where I turn first.

  2. Twitter is the 21st Century’s “Police Scanner”. Preferred mode for breaking news because of it’s “immediacy”.

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