Mar 302011

Every time a new gadget comes on the market, someone tries to figure out if it’s as good as or better than what came before. There have been plenty of reviews of Apple’s latest tablet, comparing it to the previous iteration and to similar devices. But how does it compare when it comes to shooting video?

Lauren Styler of WKRG in Mobile, Ala., decided to find out. She went out with station photojournalist Gary Arnold, who used a Panasonic P2, and shot the same basic video he did using an iPad2. The results won’t surprise anyone.

Here’s the iPad video:

Here’s the P2 video:

The iPad2’s camera is less than one megapixel and the device has no tripod mount. Lauren’s conclusion: She’d have had better results using an iPhone. No kidding.

Tablets may be game changers when it comes to delivering news, but for news gathering? Not so much.


  2 Responses to “Shooting video with the iPad2”

  1. Could you tell us if you did your editing with the iPad2 or another program using the iPad2, that would be interesting. As for a tri-pod for the device one could see about making an iPad holder, like a sleeve where you slip it inside and from there mount it on any tri-pod.

  2. iPad2 camera, less than a million pixels and the device does not have a tripod, yes, on this issue has been a better solution! Effect has been greatly improved.

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