twitter-newslabYes, we’re on Twitter. Maybe you landed here by clicking the URL on my profile page. If so, you probably want to know who’s behind the Tweets you’re thinking about following. So here’s the short version:

NewsLab is a Web resource for journalists founded in 1998. Our focus is on broadcast and online journalism. I’m Deborah Potter and I run the place.

I’ve been writing about social media and journalism for quite a while. These posts might be of interest:

Twitter vs. storytelling: Is Twitter a threat?

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When news finds you: Can Twittering about your story jeopardize an exclusive?

Mind the gap: On the lack of digital know-how at the top in newsrooms and classrooms

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If donations aren’t your thing, you could help us out by shopping at the NewsLab store for cool journalism tools, books and movies, or by checking out our Google advertisers. We can’t Tweet if we don’t eat, right?

  2 Responses to “@TVNewsLab”

  1. What a fantastic site! Just found it via Twitter & so glad I did. I worked w/ Deborah long ago @ CNN. So much wonderful information on here!

  2. Will TV NewsLab go after the story from RNC convention that CNN will not touch – the racist attack on their photog?

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