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You’ve just agreed to teach a semester-long course at a University—something you’ve never done before—and the Dean expects to see your syllabus next week.  Syllabus?  Here are some online resources to help you develop your own course outline without reinventing the wheel.

BEA Syllabus Project
Collected by the Broadcast Education Association, syllabi on broadcast newswriting, ethics, media and gender, multimedia and other topics.

Computer Assisted Journalism
Extensive collection of syllabi on computer-assisted and database journalism, and news research.

Collected by the Newswatch project at San Francisco State University.

Indiana Syllabi
Multiple versions of journalism course outlines.

IRE Syllabi
Computer assisted, online research, and investigative reporting syllabi.

Magazine Journalism
Northwestern U. syllabi, including one on magazine editing in an international context.

UNC Syllabi
Wide-ranging list of links to journalism and mass communication course outlines.

Visual Journalism
Syllabi on photojournalism and Web design.




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January 15, 2009

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