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What does an online TV story look like? Most of the time, it looks a lot like it did on the air only smaller. There's nothing innovative or interactive about video that's just shoveled to the Web. But what if you found a way to give Web users more control over how they experience a story?

Married at the Mall, a NewsLab experiment, offers one approach.

Five Steps to Multimedia Reporting walks you through the process of producing a multimedia story from idea to execution. The site also includes reviews of essential equipment and software. Thanks to the Western Knight Center for Specialized Journalism, and UC Berkeley's Jane Ellen Stevens.

The Elements of Digital Storytelling takes a more analytical approach, offering a "taxonomy," a research clearinghouse, a showcase of innovative stories and a discussion forum. Thanks to Nora Paul of the University of Minnesota School of Journalism and Mass Communication’s Institute for New Media Studies.

We also collected ideas from two workshops on storytelling online, produced by NewsLab and the Institute for New Media Studies at the University of Minnesota:

Painting the News
Sensing the News

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