3e coverAdvancing the Story: Journalism in a Multimedia World
(3rd edition–2014)

In today’s newsrooms, journalists are expected to do it all and do it well, but the business is changing so fast it can be hard to keep up. This book, by NewsLab’s Deborah Potter and co-author Debora Halpern Wenger, can help, whether you’re looking to add new skills or preparing for your first job in journalism.

Take your reporting, writing and storytelling to the next level while getting the most out of social media. Learn how to showcase stories on multiple platforms, either working alone or as part of a team. The book offers a wealth of practical tips from the best in the news business.

“Sharp advice for journalists trying to get a job, learn one or just plain keep the dang thing,” says reporter John Larson. “No other text does such a thorough job of integrating new media into traditional TV reporting,” says Michael Cremedas of Syracuse University.

The news business is notorious for promoting well-qualified journalists into leadership positions with little or no formal training. The trouble is that being good at your craft doesn’t necessarily prepare you to lead a newsroom. Where can you go to get up to speed fast? Training programs are great, if you can afford one or get away long enough to attend a workshop. But if you can’t, here are some free resources that can help.

Ready Set LeadReady, Set, Lead: The Resource Guide for News Managers

A quick reference guide with tips on newsroom leadership, managing up (and sideways), newsroom culture, recruiting and retaining, time management, feedback and evaluations, and resolving conflict.

Among the questions explored in the book:

  • What’s the difference between leadership and management?
  • What are the qualities of effective leaders?
  • How can you motivate your staff?
  • How can you manage your boss and build relationships across departments?
  • What is the leader’s role in creating a positive newsroom culture?
  • How can you run more productive meetings?


Incoming: Advice for the Newly Named News Director

A guide to help news directors make a successful transition to a new station, ownership group and/or community. The book includes a timeline for the first few months to help you stay on track as well as a guide for action planning.

Among the questions explored in the book:

  • What should you ask when being interviewed for a news director job?
  • How can you get to know your staff and a new community?
  • What do you need to know if you’ve been promoted from within?
  • What do you need to know about finance and budgeting?
  • How will you deal with disasters and ethical issues?

Crisis coverDisaster Coverage Guide

A guide for journalists on preparing for and covering disasters. Co-written with Indiana University’s Sherry Ricchiardi, this book covers newsroom preparation, reporting in a crisis, and the sometimes traumatic effect of crisis coverage on journalists themselves.

Among the areas covered in the book:

  •  How to develop a disaster plan
  • Personal preparation for crisis coverage
  • Managing crisis coverage
  • Staying safe
  • Tips for dealing with victims and survivors
  • Signs and nature of traumatic stress
  • Self-care for journalists

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