Aug 092012

A front row seat to history. The privilege of sharing life’s most amazing moments. And the God-given right to eat behind the wheel. Nobody ever said working in TV news was all glamour, right?

If you’ve ever been on a six-hour stake-out with no bathroom in sight, you’ve “enjoyed” one of the unique aspects of a TV career.  That’s one part of the job I’m pretty sure no one misses when they leave it behind. And then there’s “lunch”–you know, that meal other people routinely take a break for during an average work day.

I was reminded of the joys of the job this week when I saw this piece photojournalist Scott Rensberger shot a while back.

Reporters, let that be a lesson to you. Don’t forget to feed the crew!


  2 Responses to “The glamorous life of TV news”

  1. Man so true! I did 17 years in tv news as a shooter before getting a real job. I still find hidden food in my old news car. Granola bars behind the seats, special K bars in the glove box, bottled water everywhere and a ton and a half of fast food wrappers, bags and napkins in the back seat. A word to the youngsters thinking about this life style….it will kill you if you let it. Diabetes, high blood pressure, heart problems and weight gain are as much a threat as the schmucks out there who hate the media.

  2. I used to be like that; but now I just keep a solid stock of packed food on hand at all times. Nuts, fruit, veggies, chocolate milk in a thermos, sandwiches, last nights leftovers…anything really. My “lunch” bag is huge; but I eat healthy and am never hungry.

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