Aug 152017

Changes are coming to NewsLab. I can’t tell you anything now–sorry to sound so coy–but I wanted to give loyal readers a heads-up that an announcement will be coming right after Labor Day.

For now, I can assure you that NewsLab’s content isn’t going away. After spending the last 20 years building this resource for journalists, journalism educators and students, I’m committed to keeping it available to anyone who finds it useful. And you just never know when a post will turn out to be useful.

This week, for example, we’re getting a lot of traffic on a post from 2012 offering tips on taking good notes. Why? It was cited in the Chronicle of Higher Education by a J-school prof at the University of Kansas who banned her students from taking notes on their laptops. She told them they’d remember more if they took notes by hand, and she’s found research that backs her up.

We’ve also seen more hits than usual on our 2014 tips for covering the crime and justice beat, with a noticeable spike on July 21. What was in the news that day? O.J. Simpson had been granted parole.

So keep consulting the tip sheets but don’t feel you need to start printing them out. I’ll tell you more as soon as I can.



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