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  1. One user’s feedback on your web site makeover.

    Your new look is refreshing and has a needed up-to-date style. With that It appears you have shifted the emphasis of the site just a bit from news industry coverage to one of support and resources for journalists. As a college media professor I come to your site regularly and use it in my classes. The tools and information you provide are invaluable, but I first come to the site to keep an eye on the industry and that function has been relegated to a lower right side column on the main page. When I first called up the page it took me a while to find where it was since it was not a main tab link and was not on the left. My own preference would be to have Latest Headlines more emphasized, but I found it and will continue to use your site as I always have.

    Dave Black
    Dept. of Communications
    Univ. of Southern Indiana
    Evansville, IN

  2. Glad you like the new look, Dave. Fact is, NewsLab’s core mission has always been to provide journalism resources and training. We’ll keep posting industry headlines as a service and we’ll certainly consider ways of making them easier to find.

  3. Hi folks,

    I like the new look of the website. Nice and clean.

    I feel I have to tell you, though, that “Cincinnati” is misspelled on the home page under “Latest Headlines.”

    Two n’s, one t.



  4. Hi Deborah!
    Although I’m late, I think the new look of Newslab is great! I regularly send info from the site to reporters, producers, etc…valuable information from your staff and contributors! Is there a way to make a donation to Newslab without using Paypal? Perhaps just mail you something? I remember meeting you some years ago at an RTNDA convention…and remember being quite impressed by your passion for newsgathering. Take care! Bob

  5. what happened to latest headlines?
    I used to stop here daily for them.
    guess I won’t be anymore.

  6. Headlines are back. Technical glitch fixed. We happen to think there’s more to read here than the headlines, but never fear, they’re still here.

  7. Deborah —

    Thanks for posting the two recent items about my Ira Glass blog and my TAO of Journalism pledge/seal idea. They’ve both received lots of thoughtful and provocative comments. Your site is terrific, and is doing some of the the same things we’re now trying to do at — i.e., provide an open forum for public discussion of media ethics, accuracy and performance issues. We focus mainly on Washington state, but now have people commenting from all over the country and around the world. Hope you’ll join our online community and weigh in. We’ve just gotten started, but it’s rapidly gaining traction. The Gates Foundation is helping us out. I think lots of citizens want trustworthy, credible news and information these days, but they’re confused about whom to trust. We’re trying to help, and so are you and many others. Whatever works! Let’s talk sometime. — John Hamer, President, Washington News Council, Seattle (206.262.9793)

  8. This is singularly the most inarticulately written hed/link I’ve ever seen on this site, particularly considering how much “inartfully” revealed information is included about the subject, Rick Sanchez, by an ostensible friend: “Opinion: Rick Sanchez will have the last laugh” from Newslab’s front page’s Today’s Top News Stories.” An incredible read; an impotent hed.

  9. Hey Deborah,

    Just writing to say how much I enjoy reading your site. We at recently published an article, “100 Indispensable Twitter Tips for Journalism Students”, that we think is tailor-made for your readers. Here’s the link: (

    If you agree, it’s our hope that you’d be willing to pass it on to them via your blog, or Twitter, or any channel you see fit. Whatever you do, keep up the great work! We’re big fans.

    Thanks a bunch,
    Juliet Rich

  10. Debra: So who are the two SFO reporters??? That’s the problem when all you post is social media. Poor show!!

  11. You seem to have discovered a flaw in RebelMouse, which aggregates my social media posts on my website. My Twitter feed clearly shows that I shared a tweet from another source, which names the reporters, but RebelMouse shows only my comment. You have to click on the headline to find the rest of the story. Sorry for any confusion.

  12. hey ! how do i learn in news lab as i am located in india!

  13. Sorry about that! I haven’t taught in India in quite a few years, so unless you are coming to the U.S., please use the resources on the site to learn more about good journalism.

  14. Deborah – I am part of a team in China trying to recover the history of Kuliang, the small town where Ed Bliss grew up in the summers in Fuzhou. I read the obituary you wrote about him in the AEJMC journal. Is there any way to find out where we might find some photos of the family? The story Ed (JR) wrote about his Mom and Dad is so charming, we would like to retell it, but to have photos would be such an improvement. Thank you for your help and consideration.

  15. I hope you received my reply and that you have been able to connect with Ed’s family. Thanks for the “wow, Internet” moment, and good luck with the project.

  16. I did! Thank you SO much! Yes – it really was a Wow Internet moment!

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